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Medal Mounting and Replica Medal Checklist



Do We do this Full time?

The simple answer is yes, we do. Yes MEDAL MOUNTING is our Profession. We are fully insured and have security systems in place to ensure the safety of your medals whilst they are in our care. We have mounted medal groups that valued in excess of $15,000 so we have to ensure that we have the professionalism, insurance, and care to mount your medals.


We learn more each day about our business and the medals we mount and make sure we are up to date with current protocol. We believe that to be educated in our art and to continue that education makes us the best we can be in our field.



A Checklist For You:

1: Will our medal groups have an even 9.5cm drop? YES.

2: Is the mounting bar sewn on for long life and stability? YES

3: Do we use thick, double sided tape to hold your medals to the backing board? NO..we individually sew each medal to the backing across the neck of the medal to ensure it is held in place.

4: Are your REPLICA MEDALS true copies front and back? YES


We guarantee all our work for 12 months after the completion date; if there is a problem with the work we will rectify that problem.


We clean and polish your medals before we mount them, we don't use harsh cleaners like silvo or brasso, but only silver foam and silver cloths. No scratches!!!!!



Care of Your Medals:

Never use any abrasive liquid cleaners like silvo or brasso, likely these will scratch your medals and leave ugly marks on the ribbon if you miss and get some on there.


If your medals are lightly tarnished try using a clean, dry soft cloth, this will usually remove most surface dirt and grease.


If this isn't sufficient try a silver cleaning cloth, available from most good jewellers. Be aware that this will remove most of light tarnish but you must avoid hitting the ribbon with them as they will leave marks that cannot be removed.


So, the above didn't work? Your last option is to bring them in to us, because if they haven't come clean now, they won't without being remounted! We will clean, polish and restore as close to their former glory as possible, and advise if your ribbons need replacing too.